It's been a while

So recently I haven't been keeping in touch with the blogging world, but the reason for that is the recent upheaval of life as I know it... And by that I'm referring to my A-level results! Okay it was ages ago now, but I can't concentrate on much else apart from going to uni this month! I got 3As and a B, so I exceeded my offer for UCL to study biochemistry and I absolutely can't wait to start! I've been working pretty much full time the past few weeks to try and save money for freshers week as I just know it's going to be SO expensive! But hey, it'll be worth it. I think I'm deserving of a fresh start.

Anyway, enough blabber about uni, I will be going on holiday next week but when I return I promise there will be many blogs to come. I'm also getting my hair cut, a new start in life calls for a new identity! I can't wait.

I hope you're all okay, and I look forward to talking to you all again :]

Nikki, xo.


  1. glad to hear that your results turned out okay.
    can't wait for more posts and your new hair cut :)


  2. Ooh congratulations! Those results are amazing!
    Hope you have fun on your hols :)
    r u going anywhere nice?


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