Hey guys

Sorry for the delay, everything's been mental this month. Went on holiday for a week, and I need a week just to recover from holidays! But everything's back to normal now and I'm just getting the last bits ready for uni.
Talking about uni... I read Lou's blog here, and I think she encompassed exactly what I'm thinking. I think we'll both be okay though after the fist few weeks and we've got used to uni life. Although I am probably too sensible for a uni student, and I've heard too many horror stories to get drunk every day so I will be drinking in moderation, plus I don't have enough money too. I hope I'm not hated for it! Haha :]
I think when I'm at uni this blog will be updated more but maybe on a different kind of approach, there'll still be fashion. But it'll probably be more of a general life rambling than anything else. We'll just have to wait and se
I hope you're all okay

Nikki, xo.

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