Love it or hate it?

I'm not talking about marmite (although in that case I am an absolute lover!), I'm talking about the aviator jacket. Aviator sunnies? Yuss I love. But aviator jacket? Leave it to the old men is what I say.
The recent acquisition of September's Elle confirmed to me that the so-called Aviator jacket is hitting the A/W 2010 trend with a storm. Really? I think they're foul. They're the type of thing I would leave my grandad to wear, and not in the brogue kind of way, because let's face it brogues ooze A-Chung/F-Cotton appeal. The whole leather jacket with sheepskin and fur? Is it really that attractive? Elle have been boasting about a new feminine winter, letting us girls truely be girls and wearing flattering dresses and even wearing flats to protect our dainty feet (apart from the evening trouser that has been coming down the catwalks, but they're elegant!). Then to juxtapose it all we are faced with the aviator jacket? Somewhere, maybe just in my head, that's not right!
So maybe I'm getting too bulshy about this... so I grinned and beared my way through and researched the aviator jackets that are being sold on the highstreet:

ASOS - £110

Next - £75
Topshop - £325
After looking at these I still haven't changed my mind. They just appear to make you look bigger than you actually are (which every woman hates) and they don't give you a shape. I'm sure the more perfectly bodied girls out there can work them, but it's a no for me I'm afraid.
Will you be buying an aviator jacket this season? If you'd like to try and persuade me then feel free below!


  1. I really like this look but I've got really big boobs and I think these will just make me look huge with no waist! But I love them and I do have an old oversized sheepskin gilet thing (wow, that makes it sound really gross) that I bought last summer from a car boot sale. (I'm wearing it here if you want to see: http://bit.ly/dkXyTY) It'll be my version of the trend!


  2. Oh I looove aviator jackets! I've just bought one. I think the ridiculous ones with massive collars on are stupid, but I love mine (it's on the left had side of my blog if you're interested.)

    I'm also a massive marmite lover, marmite on really buttery crumpets, om nom nom!

    Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I'd really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!


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