Love solves everything

Top - Gap, Shorts - Topshop

Here's a simple outfit I wore today. Let's face it, there wasn't much point of dressing up for a) a hike around B&Q to look for wallpaper and tiles or b) the disgusting English weather that was thrown at us. Although I like this tshirt, I don't normally go for slogan tees or the like, but things have been tough recently and my boyfriend has really been there for me, I can't thank him enough. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it!
My walk around B&Q (my work's competitor! I work at Wickes for those of you who don't know) came at a time where I'm really getting into interior design. I'm already starting a scrapbook for the design of my first house! I wish you had freerange on decorating uni halls (if I get there!), that'd be nice.
Any good homeware websites you recommend? Maybe I could add them to my scrapbook! I love those posts where bloggers show you around their rooms to, that always intrigues me.

Nikki, xo.


Adrenaline Junky

My Summer's been pretty relaxed this year just having time to myself, to see friends and of course shop. But the past two weeks entailed some pretty exciting things that I was pleased with myself for doing.
The first being GoApe. If you haven't been, I totally recommend it. It's basically a load of rope crossings, ladders, tightropes and zip wires high in the trees. I'd booked it as a birthday surprise for the mister, thinking it'd be right up his street. However, I forgot to think about me and if I'd be able to do it! Blooming heck... it's high! You're totally safe though (if you're me you realise that afterwards and not during the thing so you're blooming scared through the 2 and a bit hours!) and have an absolute hoot doing it. It's great for stepping out of your comfort zone and spending a day out in a different way. (NOTE: If you're likely to land on your back landing a zip wire, then wear high tops or you get bark down your shoes and socks!)
Images courtesy: GoApe

So that was GoApe last week, this week I went to Thorpe Park. Absolutely LOVE theme parks, especially when I'm with my favourite people! It's fair to say I did a lot of screaming and as soon as the day was over I could feel it in my throat. We went on all of the 'Extreme Thrills' rides (apart from the water ones as we didn't fancy getting wet) and a couple of the 'Thrilling & Fun'. The Saw ride is not as scary as the adverts big it up to be... I was quite disappointed in all honesty with the scare factor! An okay ride, but nothing unmanageable... unlike blooming Rush! Gosh that was scary, I was going hysterical with the mister and brother laughing at me aswell as some random little kid! I'd have been fine if there were shoulder restraints, but with a simple waist strap being the only thing holding you from falling to a death it made me metaphorically poo my pants! (That was my favourite saying all day, sorry!)

Any recommendations where I can go for my next action day out? I really want to get more active now, just waiting for the weather to improve to try and get into cycling! Hope you're all having a good Summer. And good luck if you're waiting for results!


Love it or hate it?

I'm not talking about marmite (although in that case I am an absolute lover!), I'm talking about the aviator jacket. Aviator sunnies? Yuss I love. But aviator jacket? Leave it to the old men is what I say.
The recent acquisition of September's Elle confirmed to me that the so-called Aviator jacket is hitting the A/W 2010 trend with a storm. Really? I think they're foul. They're the type of thing I would leave my grandad to wear, and not in the brogue kind of way, because let's face it brogues ooze A-Chung/F-Cotton appeal. The whole leather jacket with sheepskin and fur? Is it really that attractive? Elle have been boasting about a new feminine winter, letting us girls truely be girls and wearing flattering dresses and even wearing flats to protect our dainty feet (apart from the evening trouser that has been coming down the catwalks, but they're elegant!). Then to juxtapose it all we are faced with the aviator jacket? Somewhere, maybe just in my head, that's not right!
So maybe I'm getting too bulshy about this... so I grinned and beared my way through and researched the aviator jackets that are being sold on the highstreet:

ASOS - £110

Next - £75
Topshop - £325
After looking at these I still haven't changed my mind. They just appear to make you look bigger than you actually are (which every woman hates) and they don't give you a shape. I'm sure the more perfectly bodied girls out there can work them, but it's a no for me I'm afraid.
Will you be buying an aviator jacket this season? If you'd like to try and persuade me then feel free below!