Summer begins

This week has been ever so busy! I had my last 2 A-level exams, EVER. Followed by a hair cut (specifically just a trim), prom that night (there are like NO pictures of my complete outfit so I'm sorry about that), visiting the beach the day after and cleaning out my wardrobes yesterday. The ruthless clear out definitely got rid of some fashion bramas and I managed to find a few dresses that can be altered slightly. Which brings me on to today...

I dug out my mum's sewing machine and asked her to help me set it up as I've only used it as a child. Oh what drama pursued... I couldn't stitch a straight line, I couldn't help but get the thread all tangled. One word: Disaster. However, I am determined to learn by the end of Summer so that *fingers crossed* I can buy myself a sewing machine as an exam result treat, ready for uni. I NEED to learn, I am determined to customise 3 dresses I have got, and to eventually make a few skirts. Who knew a girl with my intelligence could be so crap at something? (Yes I did just blow my own trumpet!)

I'm going to be an absent blogger for the next week, as I am off on a holiday with the boyfriend. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I shall catch up with you next week.

Nikki, xo.


  1. hi sweet
    i saw your post on a random blog saying yay for kent
    im currently a uni student and i adore kent woo!
    i hope your a levels went well and you are enjoying summertime in kent
    belle xx

  2. i totally have a photo of your outfit on my phone!!

  3. dang i need to desperately clear out my closet to! sewing is hard!!! i messed up the bobbin the first time i tried to use mine lol i hope you have a great holiday!!


  4. I want to see your prom outfit! I've never had a prom so I like to live vicariously through others. :)


  5. Have an awesome holiday. Just came across your blog, love it. And sewing machines rule, definately treat yourself to one.


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