I heart New York

Book review time! This month's Glamour magazine included a free gift of 'I heart New York' by Linsey Kelk. The cover gave a lot away on what type of read to expect, the sky blue colour with pink lettering and a sketched image let you know that this would be the type of book you could just indulge yourself in without taxing your brain and to escape from the 'real world'. I can tell you now, this book lived up to my expectations. It was pure cheese. Cheese might not be good for you, but it's good for me! My life isn't as smooth running as I'd like at the moment, so it was nice to lose myself in this fictional world for a few days. The characters in this book were hilarious to say the least, with Jenny being my favourite (the typical stereotype of an American twenty-something). The plot was predictable, and at times the main character could get annoying like Bella from Twilight, but other than that the book was amazing for a holiday read. I would recommend this book if you want a light read, you like rom coms and chick lit.

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Does anyone have any books they would recommend for Summer reading? I'm in need of some more!

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  1. hey missus
    thanks for your comment on my blog
    im following you now:)
    i got this book free too but havent read it as of yet xxxx


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