How high can you go?

So I bought a pair of high waisted shorts last year, and I've always been dubious about wearing them. What do you guys think? How high is too high? Do high waisted shorts look fashionable or just like a big nappy?

Tee - H&M, Shorts - Primark

If you'd like to post links or pictures of you in something high waisted then that would be lovely! I'd love to see how everyone else styles their high waisted shorts/skirts/trousers. For now, I'll continue to wear my high waisted shorts.


  1. oh i LOVE high waisted shorts!!!! yours look amazing!! i have been dying to find a black pair.


  2. i think i have the same shorts as you!
    i wear mine all the time
    high waisted shorts are fabulous
    they suck my tum in and make my legs look tonnes longer xxxx

  3. they look fab! I love them!
    Nice and simple too :)


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