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So this week I've begun the afore mentioned Summer to-do list. Slowly but surely I'm making my way through the list. I started with the task of clearing out my clothes. If you haven't cleaned out your wardrobe this year, I truely recommend it. I had some real horrid items in there, thank goodness they won't be rearing their ugly heads again. Some of the clothing wasn't that bad, but I used to suffer from buying clothes that were too big because in my mind I was bigger than I actually was so those are going to a local charity shop as I'm sure other people would look lovely in them! Others are just going straight to the bin.

After entering a facebook competition to win a Rimmel nail varnish in February, my little parcel came 2 weeks ago! I'd been meaning to buy a coral nail varnish so I was extremely pleased with the colour that was sent through, and up close the varnish is full of sparkle which always makes me happy! The brush is another matter, it's wide and is supposed to allow easy application. I'm used to doing three strokes to gain full coverage on the width of my nail, so using one or at the most two is slightly strange.
On the same day of this parcel arriving, I also received my nail art prize from Gem Fatale's giveaway. My first ever giveaway win and I was over the moon, I'm always painting my nails so I couldn't be happier.The little pot of vanilla scented nail polish remover pads are absolutely AMAZING. They didn't leave my nails dry like most removers I use, they instead acted like a moisturiser and had a lovely vanilla scent that I could stand unlike the strong solvent smell of others. I'd also been toying with the idea of buying the mint choc chip nail varnish from 17 so was ecstatic with the shade being included. How lucky? The pink grapefruit nail varnish appeared coral colour in the bottle, but when I painted it on my new false nails (as recommended by LLYMLRS) the colour was a bright pink that wasn't too disimilar from the colour associated with Barbie. At first I was a little disappointed with the drastic colour change from the bottle, and after a few days use learnt to love it.
All in all I've been a pretty lucky girl with my recent acquisitions and am now obsessed with painting my nails more than ever!

Nikki, xo.


  1. cute blog. :)

  2. I have yet to win a giveaway. I'm still keeping my hopes up though. Fingers crossed:)


  3. Ahh I cleared out my room a few weeks ago! It's such an achievement when you're done! My room is currently messy - my tv stand ripped out of the wall and hit my desk, spilling vases of water. So the contents of my test is piled on my floor right now!

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com


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