How high can you go?

So I bought a pair of high waisted shorts last year, and I've always been dubious about wearing them. What do you guys think? How high is too high? Do high waisted shorts look fashionable or just like a big nappy?

Tee - H&M, Shorts - Primark

If you'd like to post links or pictures of you in something high waisted then that would be lovely! I'd love to see how everyone else styles their high waisted shorts/skirts/trousers. For now, I'll continue to wear my high waisted shorts.

Thank you!

I would just like to say a big thank you to all those who have been leaving kind comments on the blog and a bigger thank you to the 20 followers I now have! I don't know if anyone uses google analytics, but seriously, you should. It's really heart warming to see people viewing your blog from all over the world. I hadn't even heard of some of the countries I get regular visists from! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot.
Recently I've been doing a few DIYs of my own to keep myself occupied in this long Summer holiday. I've shortened a few dresses, added buttons on to a few, and I'm currently in the process of cutting an old pair of jeans into shorts and customising them up a bit. There'll be pictures on the way! I normally hang my clothes to be altered on the handles of my wardrobe but have now found a chic wire model to hang my clothes on.

I added the ribbons myself, but with it only being £10 at Dunelm Mill I just couldn't resist! I was only meant to be getting some lace for a DIY and it was the last £10 in my purse until pay day, but oh well. I can take it with me when I move out!

I also won the ever so kind giveaway at Annie's blog Room for Thought. Her blog is inspirational, with a real critical eye she isn't afraid to voice her opinion on the issues she looks at. So if you haven't checked her out already, what are you waiting for?

Hope you're having a good summer despite the weather!


Wants and Buys

This week I have been busy going through all the archived blogs of my favourite fashion bloggers and saving my favourite outfits to a Style Inspiration folder. It's made me realise the style of clothes I actually WANT to buy, so I'm hoping it'll prevent unnecessary spending in the future! I don't know about you, but I've been known to be a sucker to impulse buying. With a cleaned out wardrobe it makes getting dressed easier as I don't have to search through all the ugly things to get to the pieces I always turn to. I've made a few collages of items I'd like to see in my wardrobe, or would like my wardrobe to be in a similar style:
After scrutinising over a million websites, boring the boyfriend in the process, worrying about my bank balance and dreaming of a better dressed Nikki, I bought the following items from Urban Outfitters:

I'll let you know what they turn out like when they turn up! Fingers crossed...


I heart New York

Book review time! This month's Glamour magazine included a free gift of 'I heart New York' by Linsey Kelk. The cover gave a lot away on what type of read to expect, the sky blue colour with pink lettering and a sketched image let you know that this would be the type of book you could just indulge yourself in without taxing your brain and to escape from the 'real world'. I can tell you now, this book lived up to my expectations. It was pure cheese. Cheese might not be good for you, but it's good for me! My life isn't as smooth running as I'd like at the moment, so it was nice to lose myself in this fictional world for a few days. The characters in this book were hilarious to say the least, with Jenny being my favourite (the typical stereotype of an American twenty-something). The plot was predictable, and at times the main character could get annoying like Bella from Twilight, but other than that the book was amazing for a holiday read. I would recommend this book if you want a light read, you like rom coms and chick lit.

Image credit: Amazon

Does anyone have any books they would recommend for Summer reading? I'm in need of some more!



Warning: This blog is full of lots of different things.

So this week I've begun the afore mentioned Summer to-do list. Slowly but surely I'm making my way through the list. I started with the task of clearing out my clothes. If you haven't cleaned out your wardrobe this year, I truely recommend it. I had some real horrid items in there, thank goodness they won't be rearing their ugly heads again. Some of the clothing wasn't that bad, but I used to suffer from buying clothes that were too big because in my mind I was bigger than I actually was so those are going to a local charity shop as I'm sure other people would look lovely in them! Others are just going straight to the bin.

After entering a facebook competition to win a Rimmel nail varnish in February, my little parcel came 2 weeks ago! I'd been meaning to buy a coral nail varnish so I was extremely pleased with the colour that was sent through, and up close the varnish is full of sparkle which always makes me happy! The brush is another matter, it's wide and is supposed to allow easy application. I'm used to doing three strokes to gain full coverage on the width of my nail, so using one or at the most two is slightly strange.
On the same day of this parcel arriving, I also received my nail art prize from Gem Fatale's giveaway. My first ever giveaway win and I was over the moon, I'm always painting my nails so I couldn't be happier.The little pot of vanilla scented nail polish remover pads are absolutely AMAZING. They didn't leave my nails dry like most removers I use, they instead acted like a moisturiser and had a lovely vanilla scent that I could stand unlike the strong solvent smell of others. I'd also been toying with the idea of buying the mint choc chip nail varnish from 17 so was ecstatic with the shade being included. How lucky? The pink grapefruit nail varnish appeared coral colour in the bottle, but when I painted it on my new false nails (as recommended by LLYMLRS) the colour was a bright pink that wasn't too disimilar from the colour associated with Barbie. At first I was a little disappointed with the drastic colour change from the bottle, and after a few days use learnt to love it.
All in all I've been a pretty lucky girl with my recent acquisitions and am now obsessed with painting my nails more than ever!

Nikki, xo.


Remember me?

Hey, so once again I'm back! Been away on the holiday and have come back after having an absolutely beautiful time.It's a shame to be back, but also lovely to see my family again. Of course catching up on all the missed blogging action too! And what lovely blog posts I found too. I've got a few Follow Friday's lined up that I'm quite excited to share with you.

This blog post is just one to say that I will be blogging this week! (Just try and hold me back). So I have no nice photos or fashion ramblings, but there will be plenty to come. And I'm making progress on the Summer to do list that you can find here.

See you all soon!

Nikki, xo.


Summer begins

This week has been ever so busy! I had my last 2 A-level exams, EVER. Followed by a hair cut (specifically just a trim), prom that night (there are like NO pictures of my complete outfit so I'm sorry about that), visiting the beach the day after and cleaning out my wardrobes yesterday. The ruthless clear out definitely got rid of some fashion bramas and I managed to find a few dresses that can be altered slightly. Which brings me on to today...

I dug out my mum's sewing machine and asked her to help me set it up as I've only used it as a child. Oh what drama pursued... I couldn't stitch a straight line, I couldn't help but get the thread all tangled. One word: Disaster. However, I am determined to learn by the end of Summer so that *fingers crossed* I can buy myself a sewing machine as an exam result treat, ready for uni. I NEED to learn, I am determined to customise 3 dresses I have got, and to eventually make a few skirts. Who knew a girl with my intelligence could be so crap at something? (Yes I did just blow my own trumpet!)

I'm going to be an absent blogger for the next week, as I am off on a holiday with the boyfriend. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I shall catch up with you next week.

Nikki, xo.