Wish I Stayed

So yes, for those of you who noticed, the blog title is from Ellie Goulding. It's pretty relevant though, I wish I had stayed and kept my blog running. Truth be told? I didn't like the blog, it needs improving - in more ways than one! So I promise to improve it over the next few weeks and get this thing back on track. I think it needs a rethink of design, and content too. We'll see what I can do.
Like most of you across the country, it's exam time for me too. As I have recently found out, and unfortunately my boyfriend too, Nikki + exams + hormonal imbalance = MAJOR STRESS OUT. So my heart goes out to all of you taking exams at the moment, at least we haven't got long now! How are you all coping with your exams? Any stress-busting tips?
I shall end this post with a promise, a promise to be back blogging in the near future.

Nikki, xo.


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