Retail Therapy

Do not let the title be misleading... my recent session of retail therapy with my friend Jo turned out to be not so successful! For those of you who live in or around Kent, you will probably have heard of the shopaholic's haven; Bluewater in Greenhithe. With all the shops you could possibly want (minus Primark) under one roof, you are guaranteed to end up spending a huge chunk of your monthly payslip. Don't be fooled.
Wednesday turned out to be the hottest day I'd ever experienced in my car, I picked my friend up and we headed for Bluewater with every intention of buying all the necessities for prom. Jo's shopping trip? Successful. She managed to get a pair of shoes and a handbag to match her dress. Me? Nothing. However, every story has to have a positive right? I had a few:
  • I got to spend time with my friend after not seeing her for ages due to the recent dreaded exams
  • My mum had given me money for a Pandora charm
  • I got a complimentary Krispy Kreme doughnut
  • I found a pair of shoes in New Look that were brilliant, but not in my size (until I went on the website! Thank goodness for the net)
Also, the Miss Selfridge sale? I tried on 3 dresses that I absolutely ADORED on the website, thinking they were a bit pricey at full price. In the sale? Perfect price. Yet when I tried them on, they didn't seem to fit properly! I was completely devastated. I'd love to know if anyone's managed to find some good pieces in the recent sales?

I'll leave you with a photo of what I wore:

Dress - Dorothy Perkins, Bag - Primark, Socks - DIY, Brogues - Ebay

Have a good weekend!
Nikki, xo.


Summer lovin'

Today has been an asbolutely beautiful day weather wise, shame most of it was spent in the office revising Biology! But in amongst revision, I came up with my to-do list for the Summer, (which for me starts next Wednesday). I thought I'd post it on here, then I have no excuse to not follow it up! So here goes:
  • Clear out my clothes, get rid of anything I haven't worn in the last year and don't intend to wear in the next few months
  • Customise any clothes that could do with a few detailing upgrades
  • Start my fashion scrapbook, instead of having bit of magazine cut-outs everywhere
  • Regular exercise, at least 3 times a week
  • Learn new recipes that I can cook at uni
  • Visit new places
  • Spend as much time as possible with friends and my boyfriend
  • Read at least 3 new books
I think that'll keep me going for the Summer holidays before hopefully going to university! What are your plans for Summer?

Nikki, xo.


Follow Friday

I've only got 3 more A-level exams left! HOORAY! And I've finished Maths! So life is finally getting more positive, after a few mental exhaustions and breakdowns this week I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh! My boyfriend (Josh) booked our holiday to Oxford last night, and it's the week after my exams finish so it's perfect timing. I can't wait to get away with him, just the two of us with no worries for the week.

So it's the second Follow Friday of the blog... and this weeks Follow Friday goes to Jazzabelle's Diary. Out of all the blogs I follow (and trust me there's a lot of them!), this blog is the one I enjoy reading the most. From her slight obsession with the V&A Museum, her school artwork and all the outfits in between, I find myself smiling at every blog post. Each one is written with such enthusiasm and passion that you can not help but be captivated by her writings. I think we have a similar taste for fashion, except the fact that I can't find my clothes for the prices she does! (I'm SO envious of her amazing bargain finds, I think I might need to take her shopping with me as a good luck charm!) And of course the fact that Jazabelle looks absolutely fantastic in her clothes, the right balance of chic and careless, making those bargains look like they've come straight off of the catwalk.

So here are my favourite photos of Jazabelle:

So that is my Follow Friday review, you can visit Jazzabelle's diary here.

As I now only have 3 A-level exams left, you can expect more frequent and varied blogs when they are finished. I look forward to it! I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Nikki, xo.


Jazzabelle's Dress

Today has been quite successful! This morning I had a Maths A-level module retake. I'd done every past exam question I could find in the days running up to it so I felt pretty ready, when I finally finished the paper I felt that perhaps I had improved on the C grade I got in January! So fingers crossed for results day! Not so sure about the rest of the exams to come... Oh well.

Enough about exams and school, I have a recently-ish new dress to show you. One of the blogs I follow, Jazzabelle's Diary, started a shop and had a few LOVELY items. I'd seen a Topshop day dress in Glamour magazine around a year ago and had always been on the look out for it in the shop but gave up hope pretty quickly. When I stumbled upon the dress in Jazzabelle's Shop I knew I had to buy it. And at a meer £6 it was a non-hesitant buy. She was quick to despatch and was a truly pleasant merchant. When I came home from a trip to Brighton, I came home to a cute little package that contained my dress inside.

What I wore: Dress - Jazzabelle's shop, Knee highs - New Look, Brogues - Ebay

The dress is probably a bit too short for my 5 foot 7 frame to be claimed as a dress that can be worn with bare legs. But it's perfect for tights, leggings or shorts. The first time I wore this dress was to Frankie and Benny's for an anniversary meal with my boyfriend, trust me to spill chocolate sauce down it!

Now I need to go and watch the rest of Mary Queen of Shops (in preparation of owning my own business one day) followed by How to Look Good Naked with revision in the breaks. Are any of you hooked by these shows too? I hope I'm not the only one!


Forever Young

During browsing through my laptop to delete any unwanted files, I stumbled across the photos I took from a catwalk I attended at The Big Bang competition in Manchester (a national competition for engineering and science for students across the UK). The catwalk was based on the biology of ageing which was extrememly fascinating! You do not know the effort I went through to attend this catwalk... it was shown a few times across the period of the 3 days, with me missing all but the last showing!

The catwalk was hosted by D&G (Design and Gerontology), with the aim of focusing on the science of ageing to inspire young people to design an exciting collection. The collection consisted of 13 pieces, so I picked 4 of my favourites to show you.
The Oedema Outfit - The dress represents the restricted blood flow and the swelling caused in the affected areas.
Muscle Dress - A corset on the top half represents the youthful muscle relaxed and contracted, with the contrasting more rigid muscles of old age.
The Freckle Dress - the top of the dress is smooth and clear to represent the skin of a baby, with the bottom showing the distressed state of aged skin.
The Skeleton Outfit - The structured skirt shows the strong bones in youth, whereas the chiffon blouse represents the weak bones in later life.

The project seemed a little strange at first, but when the music began and the narrator/presenter stepped on the side stage everything began to make sense. 'Ooo's and 'Aaah's ran through the audience of the catwalk, I think I speak for everyone there when I say we were captivated by both the beauty of the clothes and the effort put into them. I was pretty envious of the designers as the only time I came close to a sewing machine resulted in a hefty bill to fix it! Better luck this Summer I'm hoping...

If you want more information on the D&G project, feel free to visit http://www.actiondog.net/d&g/

I hope you've all had a good weekend!


Follow Friday

So I’m writing this from the breakfast bar of my kitchen with tears rolling down my face, I’ve just been chopping onions, waiting for my rice to cook! Why on earth do we cry when we cut onions? Because I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t! If anyone knows, I would actually quite like to know.

Now today’s Friday (the weekend is here, hooray!) and those of you on Twitter probably know about FollowFriday. I’ve decided to do a feature based on that idea myself called, believe it or not, Follow Friday. I’ll write every Friday about a blog that I think is worth recommending.
To start it all off, I have chosen the lovely Gem Fatale. I’ve followed her goings on before the days of owning my own personal Blogger, just adding a bookmark to her page and regularly checking for updates. Admittedly it all began when I stumbled upon it, saw she worked in Canterbury Topshop and therefore having my ideal job. I was hooked on her blog from the moment I started reading, and here I am now, recommending it on my own.

Gem’s outfits are unique to say the least, the colourful ensembles with a mix of vintage and high street make for a real eclectic mix. This is a girl that works her body shape to its full potential and she isn’t afraid to try something new. If her style isn’t enough to keep you hooked, then her tales of Roxy antics, Tuesday Tips and nail art should be.

And this is the lovely Gem herself:
Photo from Gemfatale's blog

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Nikki, xo.


Wish I Stayed

So yes, for those of you who noticed, the blog title is from Ellie Goulding. It's pretty relevant though, I wish I had stayed and kept my blog running. Truth be told? I didn't like the blog, it needs improving - in more ways than one! So I promise to improve it over the next few weeks and get this thing back on track. I think it needs a rethink of design, and content too. We'll see what I can do.
Like most of you across the country, it's exam time for me too. As I have recently found out, and unfortunately my boyfriend too, Nikki + exams + hormonal imbalance = MAJOR STRESS OUT. So my heart goes out to all of you taking exams at the moment, at least we haven't got long now! How are you all coping with your exams? Any stress-busting tips?
I shall end this post with a promise, a promise to be back blogging in the near future.

Nikki, xo.